Alex Gispert

Headmaster of Kendall Christian School

Kendall Christian School, a ministry of Kendall Presbyterian Church, has built a tradition of excellence since its founding in 1973 with a commitment to the moral and spiritual development of our students. We welcome families of all races, national, and ethnic origins. It is our desire to challenge students to think independently, to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, and to strive towards excellence in all that they do. Beyond the development of intellect and social responsibility, we are committed to bringing the knowledge of Jesus Christ and the truth of the Scriptures to each student. We understand the importance of meeting the needs of the individual student and KCS offers a wide variety of learning methodologies and materials. Our faculty is experienced, qualified and dedicated to help our students identify and develop his/her individual talents and strengths. We accept the responsibility of bringing the finest faculty and superior academics together to ensure that each child is given the best opportunity to develop his/her mind, character and abilities. Our curriculum addresses all core domains on a daily basis. Reading/ Language Arts, Mathematics, Bible, Science, and Social Studies instruction is provided by a highly qualified staff and is aligned with the state standards. These standards are naturally integrated in everyday school life. Each content area has a strong emphasis on reading and writing as literacy skills are considered to be the foundation upon which children are prepared for full participation in today’s society, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, or socioeconomic status.


Mrs. Teresa Torralbas


Our Preschool Program welcomes children ranging in age from two to four years old. The school is open from 7 A.M. - 6 P.M. Monday through Friday. We welcome applications of any religion, race, color, and national or ethnic origin. Our program strives on the hard working, qualified teachers and dedicated staff who feel the school is an extension of the home. Teachers and parents work together to make sure your children become successful learners in a safe learning environment. 

Schedule a tour of our school, and we hope you will consider that our campus offers the best option in Miami to meet your family’s needs.



 Donald Rogers

Mrs. Ivon Brinas
Assistant Preschool Director


Mrs. Zoila Sanchez
Assistant Financial Administrator

 Gary Rogers

Mrs. Cindy Arnaiz
Administrative Assistant


Mrs. Georgina Lopez
Activities Director

 Diana Hernandez

Mrs. Robyn Hathaway
School Nurse


Mrs. Susie Fernandez
Office Manager/HR

 John Manalad

Mrs. Ada Naranjo
Financial Administrator


extended school day & cafeteria

 Nicole Muller

Mrs. Georgina Lopez
ESD Supervisor

 Donald Amirpour

Mrs. Debbie Hinnant
Extended School Day

 Harold Simmons

Mrs. Roxana Tamayo
Food Specialist Supervisor


Extended School Day Staff:

Ms. Christina Rodriguez

Ms. Ana Alvarez

Ms. Amanda Ruiz

Ms. Bisma Bhatti

Ms. Yaimira Lopez

Ms. Shannon Hand

Ms. Ashley Cole

Ms. Anabel Alvarez

Ms. Michelle Alvarez

Ms. Natalie Morales

Ms. Libni Fernandez


Mr. Jose Fernandez, Food Specialist

Mrs. Moraima Ruiz, Food Assistant